Genesis – Chapter 14

In this chapter kingdoms started fighting against each other.  The kings of Sodom and Gomorrah fled and some fell in asphalt pits.  Five cities, including Sodom, had paid tribute to Chedorlaomer for 12 years.  When these five cities rebelled they stopped paying to this king.  So, Chedorlaomer came after them and captured Lot, his family, and possessions.  When Abram found out about this, he took 318 men and went after them.  Abram defeated them because God came against them also.  Lot didn’t even realize that because of Abram he was protected.

Verses 14-16 – Abram had courage that came from God.  He also had taken time to train his men.  That’s why we, as Christians, need to stay in God’s word so that we can be prepared when the enemy comes against us.  Some think it better to just not get involved.  That doesn’t always work out like that though.  We should be willing to act immediately when others need help.

Verse 18 – Who is Melchizedek?  His name means, “King of peace.”  He was a priest of God Most High.  He recognized God as Creator of heaven and earth.  Melchizedek was a respected king of that region (Salem). Melchizedek was a type of Christ (Hebrews 7:3).  A type is an Old Testament event or teaching that is so closely related to what Christ did that it illustrates a lesson about Christ.   Melchizedek was the appearance on earth of the pre-incarnate Christ in a temporary bodily form.

Verse 20 – Abram gave one-tenth of the booty to Melchizedek.

Genesis – Chapter 13

Verses 1, 2 – Abram’s wealth not only included gold and silver but also livestock.  These items were often used for trade.

A verse 5-9 – The Bible says that Abram and Lot had so much that these two families staying together was causing conflict.  Abram took the initiative in resolving the conflict.  Abram gave Lot the choice of which land he wanted.  He also put family peace above his own personal desires.  The Canaanites and Perizzites were among them.  They were surrounded by hostile neighbors.  Try to avoid arguments that will evolve into bigger problems.

Verses 10, 11 – We see here that Lot’s character is revealed by the choice he made.  He chose the best share of land even though it meant living near Sodom, a city known for its sin.  Lot wasn’t thinking about what would be fair.  He just wanted the best.  He had no thought of what might be best for Abram.

Verse 12 – While God commands us sometimes to reach out to people in the “Sodom” area, don’t forget the rest of your family may not be strong enough to resist the temptations that may go with where you are.  Abram stayed in Canaan.  The Bible says these people of Sodom were exceedingly wicked.

Verse 15 – This is where God tells Abram that as far as he can see is his forever and all of his descendents.

Verses 16-18 – The first thing Abram did was move to Hebron and build an alter and worship the Lord.  God was the center of his life.

Book of Proverbs – Chapter 12

Verse 1 – This is a pretty clear precept. If you don’t want to learn, you can go to all the schools in the world and you won’t learn. A person who won’t take discipline or correction has a problem with pride. These types will learn very little. But if you want to be taught, there is no end to what you can learn.

Verse 3 – To be established means to be successful. Real success will come only to those who do what’s right. What kind of success does wickedness bring? Here are just a few: cheating on tests to pass the course, cheating on tax returns, mistreating employees to get ahead in business, and ignoring family commitments. All these successes are only temporary. Cheaters will grow more and more dishonest and those who hurt others will become callous and cruel. Evil leads to more evil. Real success maintains personal integrity. If you don’t have success by God’s standards, you have not achieved success.

Verse 8 – Despised is a pretty strong word. What’s in the heart will come out of the mouth. If your speech and actions toward others is cruel, you will be despised.

Verse 10 – Take care of your animals – live stock or domestic. This verse says even what looks like mercy from a wicked person is cruel.

Verse 13 – Sinful talk is twisting the facts to support your claims. Those who tell lies are usually caught up in them. Tell the truth all the time and scripture says you will be delivered from your trouble.

Verses 15, 16 – A gentle answer will turn away wrath. A fool is right only in his own eyes. His wrath is evident immediately.

Verse 19 – Think how many centuries ago these scriptures were written. The Bible has withstood the test of time. God’s word is truth and you can count on it to guide you.

Verse 21 – Although harm does come to certain righteous people, God will show them opportunities to move forward in a positive way. The wicked, on the other hand, without God’s wisdom are not able to overcome their problems.

Verse 23 – Prudent people don’t brag or show off about what they know. Insecure people feel like they always have to prove themselves. Beware of showing off. If you are modest, many won’t notice you at first, but later on they will respect you.

Verse 25 – Anxiety and stress will cause depression. It can make you physically sick.

Verse 26 – If you are a believer, you are the righteousness of God in Christ. You need to choose your friends carefully or they will and can lead you away from God and His ways.

Verse27 – The diligent make wise use of the possessions God has given them; the lazy waste them. Waste is poor stewardship. Make good use of all the Lord has given you.

Verse 28 – For God’s people, death is a bright pathway to a new and better life. Our life is not over when this body gives out. We have an eternity of living with the One who created it all.

Book of Proverbs – Chapter 11

Verse 4 – “The day of wrath” refers to when God settles accounts with all people. There will be a judgment day. Each one of us will stand alone to answer for the deeds done in this life. When this time comes your wealth that has been accumulated in your lifetime will have no affect on what God chooses to do, only whether we have accepted and believed in Jesus Christ or not. Do you have a relationship with Him?

Verses 7, 8 – These verses show a strong contrast between two paths. God’s people are not excluded from problems or troubles. But if a person follows God’s wisdom, He can, will and does rescue us. The hope that we have as believers is not false hope. Believer’s hope does not disappoint. Verse 8 says that the wicked’s wickedness comes upon them.

Verses 12 – If you are void of wisdom from God, then you only have worldly wisdom. Most people like this second worldly wisdom. But people who have understanding of this wisdom will hold their speech.

Verse 13 – Plain and simple; someone tells you something in confidence, don’t tell it. Also when you tell someone else’s business, it is not fruit of the spirit.

Verse 14 – A good leader needs and uses wise advisers; after receiving all the facts, weighing the consequences and choosing to follow wise advise, you will make the best decision.

Verse 19 – As believers we study God’s word. Pray and work on having a loving relationship with Jesus Christ and other people. We have assurance that our God is constantly involved in our lives. Jesus Christ promised to give us an abundant life with His death on the cross. I believe when your life is full with the joy that can only come from Jesus, your life will have a more certain destination and purpose. On the other hand, those who don’t have a relationship with Christ will have only self-centered lives that has nothing other than their possessions to hold on to when death comes near.

Verse 21 – This verse is very clear. We may not see it in our life time, but God says the wicked will not go unpunished. But the prosperity of the righteous will be delivered.

Verse 22 – Physical attractiveness without discretion soon wears thin. Not everyone who looks good is pleasant to be around or live with.

Verses 24, 25 – These two verses show God’s way; the world says hold on to what you have so you’ll get richer; God’s way says be generous in helping others in giving and you will be made rich. When you give to others, God supplies even more to give. In addition, giving helps us have a right perspective on our possession. What we have is to be used by God to help others. It is better to give than receive.

Verse 28 – If all you have to trust in is your possessions, you will fail in this life. But like a plant that sprouts new foliage, if you are generous, God will make sure you have plenty to help those in need. I’ve seen this concept work time and time again.

Verse 29 – Bringing troubles on your family, whether through anger or through desire for independence, is foolish because you cut yourself off. Don’t forget if you no longer have a mother, father, siblings, or children, you still have a church family that God has placed you in. They are your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Verse 30 – Are you a soul winner? Do you share your faith with others? Gaining wisdom yourself can be the first step in leading others to Christ. Doing this will enrich your Christian walk.

Verse 31 – Contrary to what some might think no one sins and gets by. The faithful are rewarded and the wicked are punished. See 1Peter 4:18; don’t ever think no one will know or you will never get caught.

Book of Proverbs – Chapter 10

Verses 1, 2 – God’s principles for right living bring lasting happiness because they guide us into long-term right behavior in spite of our ever-changing feelings.

Verse 3 – These statements are intended to communicate the general truth that the life of the person who seeks God is better in the long run than the life of the wicked person-a life that leads to ruin. These statements are, in general, truth. In addition, a proverb like this assumes a just government that cares for the poor and needy-the kind of government Israel was intended to have (see Deuteronomy 24:17-22).

Verses 4, 5 – Have you ever drove by a house and see all kinds of trash thrown all around the yard, nothing picked up and then wonder what the inside looks like? God gives us 24 hours each day to be productive. I believe we are to take every opportunity to use the time we have to take care of what He’s given us, work diligently, and be aware of others needs.

Verses 6, 7 – Ever notice the people who have spent their entire lives helping others? Then they pass on and they are honored and missed tremendously. The wicked are remembered too, but not in the same way. When a wicked person dies they are soon forgotten. What kind of legacy are we leaving others?

Verse 12 – This verse says it all. Hatred spewing from others mouths will cause a lot more than strife. But on the other hand, love will produce peace.

Verse 14 – People that get wisdom and understanding from the Lord will store up knowledge. They will make better decisions. But people who have no thought or concept of who God is will end up destroying their own lives.

Verse 18 – By hating another person you may become a liar or a fool. If you try to conceal your hatred you end up lying. If you slander another person and proven wrong, you are a fool. We need to ask God to change our hearts to love others instead of hating.

Verse 19 – The less said the better. Sometimes we dig ourselves a bigger hole if we keep on talking.

Verse 20 – Words from a wise person are valuable. We should look for those who will speak the truth, even when it hurts. Think about the person to whom you choose to go to for advice. What do you expect to hear from them?

Verse 22 – Wealth is a blessing only if we use it in the way God intended. If we all would realize how God has blessed us and use it to help others, we could wipe out poverty.

Verse 24 – The wicked person dreads death. The one who doesn’t believe in God or Jesus Christ, usually fear death. In contrast, believers know they have eternal life with God and should have no fear of death. In this verse you have a clear choice; you can either have fear, or have your desires come true.

Book of Proverbs – Chapter 9

Verse 1 – Seven is the number of completeness and perfection. Wisdom lacks nothing. Wisdom appeals first to the mind; folly to the senses. But the pleasures of folly are temporary; the satisfaction that wisdom brings, last forever.

Verse 2-5 – Jesus describes in Luke 14:15-24, people who intend to go to a banquet but never make it because they are sidetracked by other things that seem more important at the time.

Verses 7-10 – Do you mock or get angry when someone corrects you? How you respond shows whether you are wise or not. Wisdom begins with knowing God. To know God is more than just knowing the facts about Him. It’s standing in awe and having a relationship with Him (see James 1:5, 2Peter 1:2-4 for more on how to become wise). In verse 10, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. This doesn’t mean that you’re afraid to approach Him.

Verses 14-17 – One sin leads us to want more; sinful behavior seems more exciting than the Christian life. Don’t be deceived; sin is dangerous and will take you a lot further than you want to go. Before taking of the forbidden fruit, look at what happens to those who eat it.

Genesis – Chapter 12


Verse 1-3 – God spoke to Abram and told him to leave his father.  This is where the blessing is spoken.  God said in Abram all the families of the earth shall be blessed.  Galatians 3:8 – God, Himself, preached the gospel to Abram.  He said you will be a father of all nations before you even have the first child.

Verse 5 – God planned to develop a nation of people He would call His own.  The land of Canaan was the focal point for most of the history of Israel as well as the rise of Christianity.

Verse 7 – Abram built an altar to the Lord.  Altars symbolized communion with God and commemorated notable encounters with Him.  Altars often remained in place for years to remind people of God’s protection and promises.  Building altars helped Abram keep his spirituality and his love for God in remembrance.  When we worship regularly we keep our desires in check with God’s.

Verse 10 – A famine came upon the land.  Abram moved to Egypt where there was plenty, and I believe this was a test of Abram’s faith.

Verse 12 – I believe this was the spirit of discernment on Abram to detect that the Egyptians would kill him and take Sarai because of her beauty.  So he told her to say she was his sister.  Sure enough she was taken into Pharaoh’s house.  Abram was treated well though for her sake.  He saved his own neck.

Verse 17 – You might be saying, “But Abram lied,” and that was wrong to do.  But, you have to remember, Abram was under God’s grace.  The law had not come yet.


Genesis – Chapter 11


Construction of the Tower

Verse 1 – At this time, there was one language and one speech.  They made brick from stone and asphalt for mortar.

Verse 4 – The Tower of Babel was most likely a ziggurat.  They looked like pyramids with steps or ramps leading up the sides.  It might have been a temple used to worship their pagan gods.  The whole city was focused on one point.  They built this for their own greatness.  People do this today by the houses they build, cars they drive or clothes they wear, showing people what a success they are.  These are not wrong in and of themselves, but when you leave God out, watch out.  We are free to develop in many areas, but we shouldn’t replace them with God.

Verse 7 – When God said, “Let us go down,” proves Jesus was always with Him.  They went down and made them all speak different languages and dispersed them to all over the earth.  This is how people ended up everywhere as it says in Verse 8.

Verses 10-27 – Noah had cursed Canaan.  From Shem’s line came Abram and the entire Jewish nation, which would eventually conquer the land of Canaan in the days of Joshua.

Verse 29 – Abram and Nahor took wives.  Nahor took his niece (daughter of his brother, Haran, who died).  Genesis 20:12 says Abram married his half sister – same father, but different mother.  Sarai was barren.  Abram’s father took his grandson, Lot, and, Abram and wife, and went to Haran.  The whole family moved towards Canaan but settled in Haran

Genesis – Chapter 10


I have read that from Noah’s three sons came black, white and Asian people.

Verse 2 – Japheth’s descendents lived on the coast lands.  They had their own language.

Verse 6 – Ham begot Cush and Cush begot Nimrod.  The Bible says he became a mighty hunter.  Even people with great gifts can become proud.  Shinar is where Babel was and is the beginning of all the idols of worship, myths, and devil worship.  At this time, the earth was divided, separated by water.  All three sons went their own way and built their own nations.

The Book of Proverbs – Chapter 8

Verses 1-7 – Wisdom is portrayed as a woman who guides us and makes us succeed. Wisdom was from the beginning and was with the Creator. God approves of those who listen to wisdom. Those who hate wisdom love death. Wisdom should enter every aspect of our lives. Open up everything in your life to God and He will guide you.

Verses 8-11 – Wisdom is a person. Solomon writes in the first person in these verses. All the words of my mouth are with righteousness; nothing crooked or perverse is in them. Find knowledge, receive instruction and choose wisdom over any precious tones is what this verse is saying.

Verse 12 – This states again how important it is to seek God in all wisdom and understanding.

Verse 13 – The love for God and love for sin cannot coexist. This fear of God is filled with respect and love for God. This is not the kind of fear you have towards someone who is constantly harming you. That kind of fear makes you hate. Our God is love and His loving kindness causes us to love others.

Verses 14-21 – These verses list what all comes with wisdom. Godly wisdom will give your life what God intended it to be: 1) Love those who love wisdom, 2) Seek wisdom and you will find it, 3) Riches and honor are with wisdom when she is used, 4) The fruit of wisdom is the results of using wisdom, it’s better than gold, 5) wisdom will cause you to inherit wealth.

Verses 22-31 – Wisdom is the foundation on which all life is built. Paul and John pointed to Christ’s wisdom and presence at the creation of the world (Colossians 1:15-17; 2:2, 3; Revelation 3:14).

Verses 32-36 – Follow wisdom’s ways and instruction and do not ignore or despise it. Wisdom says the person who will listen to her will be blessed, find life, and obtain favor from the Lord! But those who sin against wisdom, wrong’s his own soul and loves death.