Genesis – Chapter 1


Genesis – Greek word meaning “origin,” “source,” “generation” or “beginning.”  The original Hebrew title Bereshith means – In the beginning.  It’s believed Moses wrote the first 5 books of the Bible.

Chapter 1

Everything was dark and void.  God created light and divided the darkness.

Verse 5 – God made the first evening to morning.  This was called the first day.  Firmament – expanse – a visible arch from the sky.

Verse 9 – God placed all the waters (oceans and seas) in one place.  All the waters are called seas.  He called all the land earth.

Verse 14 – He made the lights which were all the stars, galaxies, for signs and seasons, days and years.

Verse 16 – Then God made the moon to be a guide at night and the sun for the day.

Verse 22 – Everything God created He gave the ability to multiply after their own kind; they didn’t stray.

Verse 26 – This verse shows God has always been a trinity.  The phrases our image, let us, shows it was more than one person. (God, Jesus, Holy Spirit) God put man over all animals.

Verse 27 – Male and female were created in God’s image.

Verse 30 – Every green herb that God created was for food.  (Elohim – Hebrew name for God – God creates) Then God looked at all He had created and called it good; very good.