1 Samuel – Chapter 19

1 Samuel chapter 19

Verses 1, 2 – It is clearly a principle of scripture that when a father instructs a son to break God’s laws, the son should obey God rather than man. The principle assumes the son is old enough to see through the deception.

Verses 4, 5 – Jonathan spoke well of David and suggested that his father Saul should spare him for three reasons. First, David was innocent of any sin against Saul. Second, the Lord had used David to bring victory to Israel. Third, killing David for no reason would make Saul guilty of shedding innocent blood.

Verse 9 – Holding a spear while sitting in his palace may suggest Saul’s extreme paranoia.

Verse 13 – The household idol was apparently large enough that it would appear as though David’s body lay on the bed under a garment.

Verse 15 – Saul’s agents apparently did not want to challenge Michal’s word about David’s illness, so they returned to the king without him.

Verses 20-24 – This was the second time that Saul surprised everyone by joining a group of prophets and prophesying. This time though, Saul was consumed with jealousy over David’s growing popularity, but the Spirit of God immobilized him so he was unable to harm David. In both cases, Saul spoke God’s words, although he was far from thinking God’s thoughts.

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